Join the call for a public inquiry now into organized crime, opioids, and money laundering in B.C.

We deserve to know the truth.

A public inquiry could be our best chance to learn the truth.

Since we launched this campaign the City Councils of Richmond, Victoria and Vancouver have unanimously called for a public inquiry. Also adding their voice to the call have been the BC Green Party, the Union of BC Indian Chiefs, as well as the BC Federation of Labour and the Vancouver and District Labour Council. 
Polling now shows 76% of British Columbians want a public inquiry.
Our campaign is working, and public pressure is mounting. 

Shocking leaked RCMP documents exposed the nefarious links between organized crime, fentanyl and money laundering leading to skyrocketing real estate prices in many B.C. communities[1]. But instead of answers, the RCMP’s case just fell apart, letting those responsible off the hook.

Attorney General David Eby said a public inquiry into this massive scandal is still an option, but Premier John Horgan said he is not ready to call one because he is not sure that is “what the public wants.” [2,3]

A public inquiry could be our best chance to learn the truth about a crisis that has claimed thousands of lives, and has made our province the most unaffordable to live in.

Will you add your name to the call for a public inquiry into organized crime, opioids, and money laundering in B.C.?

News just broke that an international task force of G7 member countries that tracks money laundering, terrorist financing and threats to the international financial system highlighted B.C. money laundering activities in their investigation. The report estimates that over $1 billion per year has been laundered through an underground banking network, higher than earlier projections about the scope of this crisis.[4]

It’s been a difficult few years in British Columbia, and tens of thousands have been affected by this multi-layered crisis. The coroner’s stats[5] are devastating, and underline that it is a life or death matter for too many.

Many brave BCGEU members have been exposed to serious workplace safety risks and a heavy emotional toll. From frontline health to social services, casino workers to librarians, transit workers, deputy sheriffs and correctional officers, the crisis has affected nearly every sector of our economy.

We owe it to them and you to find a workable solution to this crisis. Together, we can, and we must put a stop to it and restore the rule of law in our province.

Will you show Premier Horgan that the public supports an inquiry into organized crime, opioids, and money laundering in B.C. by signing the petition?


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